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How to: Fill that alcove with shelves

I’ve recently moved back in with my mum to save some cash for whatever comes next (mortgage, travelling, van .. who knows?) and have an increased need for maximising space. After fannying around playing bedroom Tetris on sketch up, I finally ended up with my desk in the alcove.

Fitting your furniture in is trickier than you'd think!
Fitting your furniture in is trickier than you’d think!


How to: Buy a Laptop for Producing, on a budget

If like me you haven’t made it into the upper echelons of the music scene and aren’t yet bathing in £20 notes every night, then you may want to buy a laptop with enough grunt to run your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) without breaking the bank.  You may not quite get your head around what all those model numbers attributed to processors actually relate to in terms of processing power.  Well my friends, read on…

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Incident: November 15th 2013, Complete tool travels on Southeastern


I was on the train home last month and I lost my laptop.  I know, right? Every producers nightmare.  For some reason I decided to use the overhead compartment (which I’ve always thought would be best used as beds during rush hour), big mistake.

In case anyone else decides to travel on public transport. BE WARNED!

Rule 1 – Don’t change your routine!
Rule 2 – Don’t be a complete idiot and leave your laptop on a train!

Well, I was working on this one before “The incident”. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I made of it anyways – Enjoy!